Frosty Fishing - Framed Canvas Wraps - Wall Art

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"Frosty Fishing" as a Framed Canvas Wrap wall art provides a serene window into the quiet solitude of winter angling. The piece captures a lone fisherman immersed in the cold, crisp air, surrounded by the soft, muted palette of a snowy landscape. The Framed Canvas Wrap adds not only texture and depth to the image but also a feeling of warmth and isolation, as if the wall art is enclosing us within this peaceful winter moment.

The ideal placement for "Frosty Fishing" would be a spot where calm and reflection are desired, such as a cozy living room, a cabin, or a retreat space where one can unwind. This wall art would also be perfect at home in an environment that appreciates outdoor sports and the quiet beauty of nature, like a lakeside house or a sportsman's lodge. The art style, with its soft brushstrokes and cool color tones, perfectly conveys the chill of winter and the patience of the fisherman, evoking a sense of peaceful solitude and the thrill of the catch.

In terms of keywords, "Frosty Fishing" encompasses terms such as "winter scene," "ice fishing," "serenity," "outdoor sports," and "calm." As a Framed Canvas Wrap, it reaches out to those who love "nature art," "fishing enthusiasts," "wilderness," "solitude," and "winter sports." It's also in tune with those searching for elements of "rustic charm," "cabin decor," "sportsman art," "cold weather activities," and "reflective moods" in their wall art choices.

By welcoming "Frosty Fishing" into your space, you're not just hanging a piece of Framed Canvas Wrap wall art; you're opening a portal to the tranquility of winter's embrace. Ready to cast your line into the still, icy waters of artful expression? "Frosty Fishing" is the catch of the day for anyone who appreciates the silent dance of snowflakes and the quiet anticipation of a fish about to bite.

Frosty Fishing - Framed Canvas Wraps - Wall Art

Unique Motifs Printed in the USA.
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Limited Edition of 30 Pieces for All Our Motifs.

Product information - Wooden Framed Canvas Wraps

  • Material:
    Poly-cotton artist-grade canvas stretched onto a hardwood fiberboard frame.
  • Outer Frame:
    Solid Wood, color differs between products, see the product listing above.
  • Wrap Type:
    Image Wrap, partly hidden behind the frame.
  • Frame Thickness:
    1.25 inch
  • Features:
    Scratch-resistant UV coating. Fully finished backing and ready to hang with corner bumpers for level hanging and to protect your wall.
  • Construction:
    Floating frames give art the illusion of canvas floating inside the picture frame without touching it. Canvas is mounted in the frame using a proprietary combination of tension and adhesive
  • Care:
    Spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Packaging:
    Smaller Sizes - Clear poly bag, cardboard or bubble wrap to protect corners and boxed. Larger Sizes - Clear poly bag, Styrofoam-protected corners, and boxed
  • Printed:
    Printed in the USA and shipped locally with standard mail.
Framed Canvas wraps, backside

More wall art options for the framed canvas wrap - Free of Charge

All motifs you find in our shop can be delivered as prints in any type of available medium. If you find let's say a nice motif presented on a wooden framed product, but you're looking for a poster, no problem we will create that product configuration for you without any additional cost added to the listed price.

The same applies to sizes, if you prefer a different size than the ones you find in the store, contact us and we will arrange it exactly as you request.

The different mediums available for printed wall art are Posters and Canvas Posters, Canvas Wraps and Framed Canvas wraps, Wooden framed paper prints, Metallic Surface Printed, and Printed with Acrylic Colors In addition, we can offer some Ceramic Tiles and Canvas Tabletop with Stand.

Some of the mediums are more suitable for humid areas like your bathroom, and some mediums give you a much richer color gamut.

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